Basics of Flight Glider (12 pack)

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The Sigma Rockets Basics of Flight Glider Bulk Pack is designed to be used for our lesson on the Basics of Flight.  Our lesson is geared towards grades 4 through 6 and is designed to assist educators on the curriculum on flight.

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Sigma Rockets Basics of Flight Workbook

Together with our Basics of Flight Learning Centre Lesson and Workbook the Sigma Rockets Basics of Flight Glider provides the educator with the tools needed to teach flight.  The lesson starts out with an introduction to early aviators and goes into the properties of air followed up by how an airplane flies.

Our workbook takes the student through hands-on experiments involving modifications of the glider. The student learns how to change the glider's centre of gravity in order to have the glider fly successfully.  Physical changes to the glider through sanding allows the student to see first hand the effects of lift on an aircraft.  Reductions in drag on the glider gives the student a hands-on experience in improving efficiency.  Ailerons added to the glider give it the ability to turn in a desired direction.

Each glider comes with the parts labeled in both English and French.

Included in the bulk pack are:

12 Sigma Rockets Basics of Flight Gliders

24 Add on Ailerons (not shown)

Glue and clay (or Play Doh!) is required.  The accompanying lesson may be found on our Learning Centre.  Our Basics of Flight workbook may be downloaded free of charge from our website through the link below.



Basics of Flight Workbook

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