Sigma Rockets Rocket Glider

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The Sigma Rockets Rocket Glider is designed to introduce educators and students to the field of rocket powered glider flight.

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Sigma Rockets Rocket Glider Launching

Launching a plane as a rocket and having it glide back to Earth is one of the most challenging feats in the aerospace field. Some would say that the NASA Space Shuttle (launched into space as a rocket, returned to Earth as a glider) was the most complicated machine ever built! 

The Space Shuttle was NASA's manned launch vehicle and flew from 1981 to 2011.

The most favourable aerodynamic design properties differ between a rocket and a glider. A careful balance between strong glider design and strong rocket design must be reached in order to have a successful flight.

Through much research and design iterations, we have designed the Sigma Rockets Rocket Glider for use in the study of rocket powered glider flight.

Made from precision laser cut balsa wood and a 3D printed nose cone, the glider may be built in under an hour.  Instructions on how to build the glider are provided in the link below. 

The Sigma Rockets Rocket Glider is designed to fly on standard sized 18mm model rocket motors.    We recommend a motor with a low average thrust (see our download on Model Rocket Motors below).

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Glider Instructions

Instructions on how to construct the Sigma Rockets Rocket Glider are provided in this download.

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Rocket Motor Numbers

This article is about the numbers and letters of model rocket motors.

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