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The Sigma Rockets Birdie Rocket is designed to test the aerodynamic properties of a badminton birdie. 

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Aerodynamics is playing an increasingly important role in the field of sports.  By understanding aerodynamics, an athlete or coach gains a greater insight into mechanics behind the sport and the way an object used in the sport moves through the air.  One such object is the birdie (or shuttlecock as it is called in some parts of the world) used in the game of badminton.

The Game of Badminton

Believed to have originated from ancient China and Greece, the modern version of Badminton came from India.  Great Britain in the mid 19th imported the game and from there it has spread around the world.

Badminton is a racquet sport similar to tennis.  Behind soccer, badminton is the second most popular participatory sport in the world.

What is the Sigma Rockets Birdie Rocket?

The Sigma Rockets Birdie Rocket comes with a Badminton birdie and all the parts you need to retro fit it with a model rocket motor.  It is designed to fly on 13mm model rocket motors (mini motors). The Birdie Rocket does not require recovery wading and relies on tumble recovery.  This means that the motor is ejected once the ejection change is fired (ensure that bystanders are far enough away from the rocket when launched).  

Complete building instructions are outlined in our video below. 


Rocket Motor Numbers

This article is about the numbers and letters of model rocket motors.

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