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This rocket is designed for programs in aerospace studies. Please visit our lesson "Understanding Aerodynamics with the Educator Rocket" on our learning centre.

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Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers is our goal at Sigma Rockets. We strive to sell and manufacture products that help us in that goal. That is why we are happy to introduce the Sigma Rockets Educator Rocket.

Hands on Learning

There is nothing quite like learning new concepts by real world construction. Model rockets provide an avenue to learn aerospace concepts by building safe working models. As you will see, we've taken this to heart. Not only have we made our Educator rocket simple to build, we have provided the means for some customization.

We've done this in two ways. First by providing a balsa nose cone that may be sanded and reshaped. This allows the student to change the aerodynamic properties of the nose cone.

Secondly we have provided a balsa sheet for the student to design and cut out their own fins. Again, this allows the student to determine the aerodynamic properties of the rocket. The student may also design their rocket to have three fins or four fins to further control the rocket's aerodynamics.

The Study of Aerospace

One program that we recommend for the study of rocketry is OpenRocket. This open source program is an excellent tool for designing, testing and simulating model rockets. In our video below we use OpenRocket to design and print out the template for our fins. You may find out more about OpenRocket by visiting the website

What is the Sigma Rockets Educator Rocket?

The Educator Rocket comes with a 45 cm long 33 mm body tube, a balsa nose cone, a motor mount used to fit a standard 18 mm motor, a 45 cm parachute with shock cord and a 23 by 10 cm balsa sheet. With the balsa sheet the student may design and cut out custom fins.  The balsa nose cone allows the student to re-shape for aerodynamic experimentation.  In our video below we describe how to build the Educator Rocket complete with an introduction to the use of OpenRocket for designing the fins.



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