CanadaFour Bulk Pack (12 rockets)

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The CanadaFour rocket is a basic balsa fin rocket that may be made with 3 or 4 fins.  The rocket is easy to build and is an excellent and cost effective introduction to rocketry for your class or youth group.

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The pack features 12 CanadaFour model rockets complete with 3D printed plastic nose cone and laser cut balsa fins. 

The CanadaFour may be built with either 3 fins or 4.  The streamer is made from laser cut ripstop nylon.  It features "fingers" cut into the end for an extra visual effect.

As with all our Educator RocketĀ® bulk packs, the rockets are packaged with the teacher in mind. Similar parts are grouped together allowing teachers to control which pieces the students work with at any given time. We have included a specially designed Canada sticker for each rocket in honour of our home and native land.

CanadaFour Bulk Pack includes:

- 12 Body Tubes 23 cm long, 18 mm in diameter
- 12 3D printed Nose Cones
- 12 Launch Lugs
- 12 Laser Cut Nylon Streamers
- 12 Thrust Rings (18 mm)
- 48 Laser Cut Balsa Fins (allows for each rocket to have 4 fins)
- Shock Cord long enough for all rockets
- 12 Specially Designed Canada stickers



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