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Model Rocket Stand (birch)

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- Model Rocket Stand cut from 3mm birch

- Designed for rockets with 18mm motor mounts

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We've probably all experienced it. You have a shelf or table full of model rockets. You go to pick one up and suddenly it slips out of your hands. It falls over. And not only does it fall over it has to take all the other rockets with it. It's like watching dominoes fall over but not as entertaining (depending on your perspective). If you have young children you probably have seen this scenario play out more times than you wish. The good news is that there are easy solutions to this problem.

The Fin Solution

One of the easiest ways to keep your rocket sturdy on the shelf is to build it with swept back fins. In this design the bottom of the fin extends past the motor hook at the bottom of the rocket, allowing the rocket to have even points to balance on. This approach works for rockets with three or more fins. It works particularly well with three fin rockets. Why three fin rockets? Even the most experienced builder has made rockets where the fins are not exactly the same size or sit in exactly the same place on the body tube, causing some unevenness and hence, the rocket may wobble a bit. With three fin rockets you will not have this issue. You may have noticed this same effect with stools on an uneven floor. Four legged stools will wobble a bit on such a floor but three legged ones will not. After designing and building model rockets one will no doubt start building rockets that do not have swept back fins. So the fin approach does become very limiting pretty fast.

Home-Made Model Rocket Stands

DVD Spindle The biggest challenge in making your own rocket stand is in finding a something that fits into the motor mount nicely. Ideally this something will provide a snug fit and not be too tight as to cause problems when removing the rocket. A spent model rocket motor is a good choice for this purpose. Gluing it to a stand and providing a slot for the engine hook may be all you need to do. You may even be able to forgo the slot and have the engine hook stay in a slightly bent position. This would certainly help in holding the rocket onto the stand, however, if it stays in this position too long the hook may be too bent to hold a motor into the rocket when needed.

The Recycle, Reuse Solution

Another solution would be to reuse something that you may throw out anyway. That would be the spindle from a pack of blank DVDs or CDs. We show a picture of a spindle on the right. The diameter of the vertical piece of the spindle is just slightly less than a standard 18 mm model rocket motor (A, B or C). The rocket will tend to sway a little bit on the stand but for the most part the spindle will hold the rocket nicely.

Model Rocket Stands from Sigma Rockets

For those that rather spend their time designing and building rockets instead of rocket stands, buying a stand is a good option. We've chosen a simple, elegant design that is sure to look good displaying your most prized rockets. The four legged design allows for staggering of multiple stands in situations where space is tight on a shelf. The stand ships as two flat pieces and is easy to assemble. We've taken great care to ensure that the assembly is snug and does not wobble.


Personally, rocket dominoes is not one of our favorite activities. Even though it seems to happen in slow motion most of us are not quick enough to stop falling rockets. Fortunately, there are simple and inexpensive solutions to reduce the effects of rocket dominoes.